About Us

Global Red is one of Australia's leading data driven, customer loyalty agencies with expertise and scale in pharmacy, telecommunications, retail and automotive.

Established in 1998, headquartered in Sydney, with satellite offices in Auckland and Singapore – we have 80+ employees, specialise in the data analytics, customer engagement and loyalty space – and focus on five key deliverables.

  • Data

    We love data. In fact, at Global Red, 'actionable' data drives everything we do.

    And it all starts with integrating and consolidating data from multiple sources & contexts, standardising them into a consistent model, which is then used to power our analytics, marketing automation, and reporting.

    Our team can then create bespoke segmentations from behavioural and demographic data, or develop algorithms to apply existing brand segmentations – so companies can give their customers the same brand experience, through the line.

    We also understand how products are purchased together, so we can derive product recommendations, bundle opportunities, placement advice, and purchase journeys.

    And we make it look great and easy to understand. Because even the best ideas will go nowhere without being articulated –
    and the best way to articulate data is visually.

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  • Strategy

    In our business, the easiest thing to do is to make things difficult. That's why we tend to keep it simple by employing a classic behavioural CRM approach, getting to the core of the issue fast and setting a strategy that is results-oriented.

    We let the data tell us what behavior is happening and then use those insights to guide us into delivering meaningful messages and dynamic offers that drive a positive change in customer and prospect activity.

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  • Communication

    It's all about getting the right product to the right customer at the right time. Right?

    Well, almost. If you're working your data properly, you can also get the right next best offer, the right product recommendation, the right brand offer and the right follow-up.

    And if you get it really right, like we do, you can get suppliers to pay for it. All right!

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  • Engagement

    The idea is simple. If you talk to your customers about something they're interested in, when the time is right and you reward them with relevant offers, you'll create a loyal customer who is engaged with your brand.

    Of course, this is easier said than done. At Global Red we specialize in creating consistency for your brand message across multiple channels – and use technology, customer insights and data analytics smarts to create dynamic and compelling content that enhances the relationship across - and throughout - the customer journey.

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  • Loyalty

    In a 'not one size fits all' world, its critical to go beyond 'me too programs' and match company appetite for loyalty, with customers desire to 'be loyal'– and that will ultimately deliver ROI to both parties.


    GR Consult is our loyalty consultancy group who have the local and international experience, skill-set and IP to deliver the loyalty strategy, construct and partnerships that creates sales overnight - and loyalty overtime.

    Our core team is comprised of Loyalty Strategists, Marketing Program Developers, Business Analysts and Financial Modelers. So whether it's points, rewards & recognition, 'surprise and delight' or VIP status driven, it's our job to ensure the program, partners, and numbers ... that's right for your business.


    Loyalty Logic is our proprietary real time decisioning loyalty platform that enables highly targeted in-store promotions. It's ideal for mid-size retailers, where LAM activity and personalised messaging drives greater spend than 'remote' catalogue-driven points programs.

    Powered by intelligent decisioning, incorporating machine learning and bespoke tactical activity, Loyalty Logic is a cost-efficient loyalty platform for a group of stores, 50 - 200 in size, where LAM activity and a unique point of difference to 'the big boys' is critical.

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The Team

  • Jeff
  • Richard
    CEO – Retail Solutions
  • Nick
  • Chris
  • Colin
    Director of Consulting & Project Management
  • Patrick
    General Manager Singapore
  • Jayee
    Business Development Manager
  • John
    Engagement Director
  • Katrina
    Financial Accountant
  • Trish
    Group Account Director
  • Matthew
    Account Director
  • Sophie
    Client Service Director
  • John-Paul
    Business Analyst
  • Hayley
    Business Analyst
  • Wali
    Manager Infrastructure & Service Delivery
  • Andrew
    Group Account Director
  • Carissa
    Project Manager
  • Gregory
    Manager Development & Testing
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  • Anjali
    Account Director
  • Karen
    Group Account Director

Careers with Global Red..

We're always looking for smart people to join Global Red. For the right people, we offer competitive salaries and a vibrant working environment. But what really sets us apart is our team-orientated culture.

What We Do

Put simply, we enrich customer data and turn it into meaningful offers that drive customer engagement and build brand loyalty. In other words, we unlock the value of your data, to drive sales overnight. And loyalty over time.


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